Best Eyelash Growth Serums Reviews

Hey, beauties!

I hope you’re going to like the idea for today’s post. I decided to create my private comparison review of best eyelash care products. If you follow my blog, you must know I’d been getting round to it long. The day has finally come and I want to share all I know about the topic and obviously tell about the lash serum I think is the best. I hope you’ll like the reviews. Lots of you left comments asking about my way of getting beautiful eyelashes. It was hard but worth the effort. I decided to make the choice of the most effective product easier for you. It will be great if you make use of my opinion.

Your Rose

My story

Since I remember, my lashes never looked stunning. I didn’t expect that an eyelash growth serum could change anything. I always laughed that my brother stole them. He had beautiful and long lashes that all girls envied him. Too bad, mine were short and barely there. I was always jealous of his eyelashes. Once I took my mom’s mascara to coat his lashes while he was asleep. The effect wasn’t mind-blowing but still…better than on my eyelashes. I didn’t really care about my eyes’ appearance till the age of 13. Then, the time came when teenage girls start competing with each other…

Stage 1 – Mascara

At that time, I got interested in the eyelash care. At first, it wasn’t care, though. I simply covered the lashes with several mascara coats. I had no idea about it and that was the funniest part. My lashes were clumpy and looked like spider legs. Still, I was happy I could finally see them! I tested lots of mascaras (maybe I’ll write a similar review about them). Then, I got mature and decided that long and natural lashes are the thing I need. But I still didn’t know what an eyelash growth serum is and what benefits it brings. What did I do?

Stage 2 – Applying Strip Lashes

I started wearing falsies. It was probably the worst stage because it made my eyelashes suffer. I used cheap, single-use strip lashes so their quality wasn’t astonishing. It was similar with the adhesives. I must admit that I often got allergic reactions. Back then I didn’t realize it was because of the falsies; let alone the number of natural lashes I pulled out while taking strips off. They didn’t want to come off easily so I pulled them out. I was stupid and thought that my lashes would grow back as easily as hair does. Then, I was fed up with applying strip lashes every day…

Stage 3 – Eyelash Extensions

The time came for semi-permanent and volume lash extensions. I guess I tried all methods and options that were available. At first, I quite liked them and they looked cool (except for one time when a beautician made my lashes look bushy so I had to remove the falsies on the next day). Everything was fine…on the surface. Then I got angry thinking how much money I spent. At first, the application of extensions and then the refills. I had to spend a fortune. One day I gave up on falsies to save some money. I was shocked. Even the worst lash serum didn’t leave my lashes so wrecked.

Stage 4 – Eco-Friendly Methods

I barely had any lashes left. Regular extensions largely weighed my lashes down and led to a partial lash loss. I had no idea fake lashes can be so destructive for the natural eyelashes. I don’t know if this was due to the wrong products, wrong method, inexperienced beautician or because of me. From one extreme to the other. I switched from false eyelashes to DIY lash-strengthening methods e.g. home lash serums. I wanted to save my eyelashes without overburdening with artificial products.

First, I reached out for oils. Sadly, neither olive nor castor oil worked. The other one irritated my eyes. I applied it with an old mascara wand which was a bad choice. Now, when a lash serum is my friend, I know I could have used an old eyeliner applicator to apply the oil directly to the bulbs. I didn’t know it then. Disappointed by the effects, I kept on searching.

After searching the Internet, I found that vaseline moisturises the eyelashes. It was hard to apply because of the consistency. It left my lashes clumpy and was slowly absorbed. Applying a mascara was more difficult. It was supposed to deliver hydration but it was too problematic. Capsules of vitamin E were also uncomfortable and time-consuming; I had to mix the capsule contents with water or jojoba oil (or a different one I had on me). Besides, none of the methods gave the results I expected. The results that a regular lash serum gives me now. I started searching for an alternative online…


It was four years ago. I discovered lash serums which started being launched. These products were my last resort. During the four years, I tested at least fifteen serums. Ten of them have stayed in my memory so I decided to describe them for you. Find the detailed review of each one below. Before moving on to details, let me explain why I think that…

… the best serum for my lashes is NANOLASH <3

LashFood is a promising serum that I had a long time ago. I got tempted by the nano-peptide technology. The manufacturer promised the peptides would feed my lashes. I hoped for the wow effect but LashFood serum didn’t work for my eyelashes (which were barely visible). I thought that maybe I needed a stronger treatment because my lashes looked horrible.

I tried GrandeLash out, too. The serum was supposed to deliver the effect of false lashes. Unfortunately, it failed to make my lashes longer in four weeks. They were darker and slightly thicker but they were still short. Besides, GrandeLash didn’t stimulate the growth of new lashes so I had to move on to testing another product.

At some point, I went for DabaLash. The serum is advertised as a unisex product for everyone. DabaLash serum was to lengthen, beautify and bring back the health of eyelashes. I wanted an enhanced condition most. The promised healthy lashes ended up with making only the longest ones stronger. The shorter ones stayed the same.

NeuLash is another serum in my great test of an ideal product. I think I got tempted by a truly fancy, metallic tube which made this lash-enhancing serum different from similar products. Again… a four-week treatment was supposed to make my natural eyelashes thicker, longer and fuller. Again… a disappointment. It delivered effects yet not the ones I hoped for.

One of the test fails is LiLash serum. I was supposed to get beautiful lashes in just a few weeks. To be honest, LiLash magic worked yet there was no spectacular change. The lashes I had lost started growing back. Sadly, these were so short that they looked funny next to the long ones. The product failed to deal with the difference in length.

While testing, I also stumbled upon IdolLash. Now I wonder what made me buy a product which was advertised with glittery banners. It must have been the composition rich in natural ingredients, polypeptides, proteins, etc. Too bad, my eyelashes didn’t like the product. The effects, delivered by the previous serum, disappeared.

Not long ago, I tested RapidLash. The effects were visible because my lashes got healthier than they were before. Regrettably, RapidLash wasn’t much different from the rest of serums. I simply felt there was something wrong. I kept on searching for a serum which would both heal and beautify my lashes.


Another effective eyelash serum I tested is Latisse. Tempted by the Revitalash benefits, I decided to look for something that has a similar quality and is going to deliver a wow effect. Its action is based on the ingredient of medication. The serum worked and I saw no side effects yet I got scared reading the leaflet. I kept on searching…

The list of my top lash serums must include Lashcode Eyelash Serum. Why? It turns out that a manufacturer of mascara knows how to make a pretty good eyelash serum. I found that myself because Lashcode aided me in repairing and strengthening my lashes. Still, there can be just one winner and even Lashcode can’t top it.

NANOLASH is number one among the products I have tested. I’m glad I didn’t stick to Revitalash. Nanolash growth serum is more effective and gets along with my eyelashes better. Their condition got better within the first weeks of treatment; the effects were mind-blowing; no side effects; a truly competitive price. There is just one verdict – NANOLASH is the winner of my subjective ranking of top eyelash growth serums. <3


If you’re interested in the details on every serum, why don’t you take a look at the descriptions I’d posted on the blog? There’s a separate review of each serum. I included my impressions, some facts about the ingredients. Most of them deliver similar effects and have a similar application but there would be no ranking if there were no differences. Some of them are small yet important. I wrote more about some of the serums because I thought everything was worth mentioning. The ones, which gave me the poorest effects, got the shortest descriptions but you’ll find some key facts. Don’t buy on impulse. Make use of my experience. Eyelash serum is the key product so make a wise choice.

Enjoy reading.